Jan.14, 1873

Birthday of Venerable Mar Thomas Kurialacherry

Dec.23, 1880

Birthday of Mother Mary Francisca de Chantal

Jan.18, 1890

Ven. T.K. to Rome for the priestly formation

May 27, 1899

Priestly ordination of Ven. T. Kurialasserry atSt. John Lateran church, Rome

May 28, 1899

First Holy Mass of  Ven. T. Kurialasserry at ‘Chiesa di Gesù’, Rome

Jan. 21, 1903

Vallayil Philomina was sent to the Clarist Convent, Changanacherry for religious formation and study

April 24, 1903

Laid the foundation stone for St. Peter’sOresalem church at Karackal, Champakulam

Jan. 21, 1904

Philomina to the boarding house of Carmelite convent,Mutholy for secular studies

Jan. 29, 1908

The humble beginning of the Adoration   Congregation in a cow-shed at Edathua

Dec.8, 1908

The first six members received the religious veil at Edathua parish church from the founder.

Dec.10, 1908

Blessed the first Adoration convent in a temporary shed at Thonipurackal, Champakulam & appointed Postulant Chantal as the Superior

Feb.20, 1909

Starting of St. Thomas Middle school for girls in a temporary shed at Thonipurackal

Sept.29, 1909

Consecration of the Oresalem church, Champakulam

February, 1911

The SABS Postulants received the Constitution and time table proper to the Charism of the Adoration Congregation from the founder

Oct.17, 1910

Blessing of the Mother house of the SABS at Karackal, Champakulam

Aug.30, 1911

Ven.Thomas Kurialacherry was appointed the Vicar Apostolic of Changanacherry by St. Pope Pius X

Dec.3, 1911

Episcopal Consecration of Ven. Thomas Kurialacherry  atKandy in Sri Lanka

Dec.10, 1911

Religious Vestition of the first five members of the SABS at oresalem church champakulam

Dec.15, 1911

Mar Thomas Kurialacherry entrusted the SABS to our Lady of Immaculate Conception before leaving for Changanacherry to take            charge of the Vicariate

March 18,1916

Perpetual Profession of the first four members at parel Church

Aug.21, 1916

Perpetual Profession of Mother Mary Chantal at chappel of Bishop’s house Changanacherry

Sept.14, 1917

St. Augustin’s Rule is given to the SABS


The appointment of Rev. Fr.Geevarghese Kattarath as the Pothusreshtan (Superior           General) of the SABS


The establishment of the Syro Malabar Hierarchy in Kerala & Mar Thomas kurialacherry became the first  Bishop of Changanacherry

June 2, 1925

Demise of Ven. Thomas kurialacherry at Rome

April 30,1930

Election of Mother Mary Philomina, the first Mother General of the SABS at vazhappally.

May 7, 1930

First Adoration convent in the Archdiocese of Ernakulam at Koratty

May 7, 1933

Commencement of the Canonical Novitiate

July 25,1935

The mortal remains of Ven. Thomas kurialacherry from Rome was laid to rest at the Cathedral, Chy.

Oct. 2, 1935

Bessing of the First Perpetual Adoration Chapel at Vazhappally


Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Adoration Congregation and the first members, Mother Chantal, Mother Clara, Mother Magdelena de  Pazzi & Mother Angela at Vazhappally


Establishment of the SABS Ernakulam Unit

April 8, 1952

Establishment of the SABS Pala Unit

April 22,1961

Establishment of the SABS Kothamangalam Province


Election of Mother Mary Espirith, the first Superior General of the unified Adoration Congregation


The SABS units in different dioceses were declaredCommissariates

March 18,1965   :

Inauguration of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of   the Adoration Congregation at Vazhappally

April 24, 1965

Thalaserry Region was raised to Commisariate

June 17, 1965

Establishment of SABS Generalate at Aluva

Dec.3, 1965

First SABS mission house was started in Manipur from Pala commissariate


Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Congregation  & the first members, Mother Chantal, MotherClara & Mother M. de Pazzi at Vazhappally

March 17-18,1966            :

Concluding celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Congregation at Champakulam

June 30,1966

First mission house of Changanacherry  Commissariate at Gwalior in M.P.

Feb. 11, 1968

Approval of the revised Constitution of the unified Adoration Congregation and the Congregation was raised to Pontifical status by the Holy See & the Commissariates became            Provinces

Aug. 30, 1971

Inauguration of the ‘Prarthana Bhavan’ (Cloister)              at the Novitiate House, Mammoodu

May 25, 1972

The Demise of Mother Chantal at Athirampuzha

Jan. 14, 1973

Blessing of Perpetual Adoration Chapel, cenacle, Aluva

Feb. 9, 1973

Cloister is shifted to Cenacle

July 3, 1975

The Provincial House of SABS Changanacherrywas shifted from Vazhappally to Koothrappally

Oct.13, 1977

Provincial Synaxis decided to submit a request to the General Synaxis for the taking up of the canonization process of our Founder

Feb.15, 1977

Approval of the revised Constitution of SABS for 5 years

Feb. 11, 1978

Establishment of St. John’s Province, Kanjirappally

March 22, 1980

Establishment of Mary Matha Vice Province, Manathavady

Jan.22, 1983

St. Thomas Province Changanahcerry started the first Adoration Convent in Australia

Dec.8, 1983

SABS Platinum Jubilee Celebration at Cenacle, Aluva

Dec.12, 1983

Mother General submitted a petition to the           Archbishop of Changanacherry to take up the cause of canonization of our Founder

Jan. 25, 1985

Mar Thomas Kurialasserry was declared ‘Servant of God’

July 3, 1986

Establishment of Pavithrathma Region, Jagadalpur

Aug.29, 1986

Solemn opening of the Tribunal for the Process of  Canonization of Mar Thomas Kurialacherry

June 2, 1988

Blessing of the first Aaradhana Ashram (a contemplative community) of the SABS at Nallathanny

March 7, 1990

Congregation for the Oriental churches approved the revised Constitution   in the light of the study of the Charism of SABS

Nov.20, 1990

Founder’s tomb is opened and examined

April 27, 1991

Closing of the Diocesan Process of the Canonization of our Founder

March 28, 1996

‘Positio Virtutibus’ – relating to the servant of God     Mar Thomas Kurialacherry is submitted to the               Congregation for the Canonization of Saints

Dec.22, 1997

Mananthavady Vice Province was elevated to the status of the Province

March 18, 1998

Pavithratma’ Region, Jagadalpur was raised to the status of the Vice Province

March 22, 1998

Establishment of ‘Jyothirmayi’ Vice Province, Ujjain

March 25, 1998

Establishment of ‘Jai Rani’ Vice Province,Punjab-Orissa

March 29, 1998  :

‘Christu Jyothi’ Region in Satna became Vice Province

Jan.14, 1998

Corpus Christi’ region in Dimapur was elevated to the status of a Vice Province

Jan.11, 2001

‘Nirmal Rani’ Region in Trissur became Province

May 3, 2003

Establishment of ‘Deepthi’ Province in Orissa

July 28, 2003

Oriental Congregation approved the revised Constitution in accordance with the Canon law for the Oriental Churches

Feb.9, 2004

‘Udaya’ Region in Thamarasserry became ‘Vimala Matha’  Province

Feb.18, 2004

Vimal Rani’ Region in Palakkad became a Province

Feb.20, 2004

Establishment of ‘Jaya Matha’  Province in Idukki

Dec. 15, 2007

            Inauguration of the Centenary celebrations of the Congregation & the Province at Champakulam

March 25, 2008

Formation of ‘St.Chanthal’s Region in Tamilnadu from Changanacherry Province

Nov.29, 2008

Closing ceremony of the centenary celebrations of the Province at Changanacherry

Dec.8, 2008

Closing ceremony of the centenary celebrations of the     Congregation at Cenacle

Jan.14, 2009

Inauguration of SABS Sion Region, in East Africa

Dec. 3, 2010

Inauguration of the Episcopal Centenary of Servant of God Thomas Kurialacherry at the Cathedral church, Chry

April 2, 2011

Servant of God Thomas Kurialacherry is declared Venerable by Pope Benedict XVI

May 3, 2015

Mortal remains transfered to Marth Mariam Chapel at  the Cathedral church, Chry

Aug.21, 2015

Shanthal Giri Ayurveda Hospital at Mammood

April 2,2016

 Declaration of the ‘Sion Region  Province in East Africa

April 2,2016

Declaration of the Jeevodhaya Province Andhra Predesh