History of Houses

01. CHAMPAKULAM – St. Chantal’s Convent

The first member of the congregation lived in a temporarily build shed at Arackal. Rev. Fr. Thomas Kurialasserry, who entrusted the SABS congregation he founded with the noble mission of women’s education built a building for school before the construction of the first convent building at Champakulam. The aspirants were shifted tyo the new building which became the Mother have of the congregation Chantalamma was appointed the superior and continued so until 1912. Fr. Thomas Kurialaserry was consecrated as the Bishop of the Changanacherry diocese on 10th Dec. 1911 and just before leaving to assume his office as Bishop, he dedicated his daughter to our lady of Immaculate Conception. His first official function as Bishop was the vestition of the first five aspirants of the Adoration Congregation on 14th dec.1911.

The new convent building was blessed on 2nd June 1950, on the 25th Death Anniversary of our founder. The statue of our Lady of Immaculate Conception blessed in 2000 is consecrated in the new chapel.

This is the only convent where all the first five members have become the superiors. The feast of the Queen of Rosary with the Orsalem Church in the premise of the convent is celebrated by the whole community of the Adoration Sisters. St. Thomas U.P. School, B.K. Nursery & Public School, Eucharistic Spirituality study Centre are the institutions here run by the sisters render their services in various Apostolic field life, teaching catechism, Parish Work, Adoration of Blessed Sacrament etc.

 02. THURUTHY-  St. Thomas Adoration Convent


Chantalamma the co-foundress of the Adoration Congregation was the inspiring force behind the starting of St. Thomas Adoration Convent at Thuruthy in 1917. The presence and intercession of our founder and St. Theresa of Lisieux have always been felt here. Wonders have occurred proving this. A two storied building was constructed for the convent and was blessed on 11th Oct. 1986. Besides family apostolate the sisters are engaged in various activities like faith formation promoting family prayers, House visits and above all drawing everyone to the Holy Eucharist. St. Thomas L.P. School here was started by Chantalamma 1916-sacred heart English medium Nursery school was started in 1967.

 03. Mallappally –St. Antony’s Convent

The sisters who had been staying in the Parish house since 1918 were shifted to a small building in 1919. A new convent built was built and was blessed on 11th August 1937. The convent and the mission church here were built with the purpose of re-unifying the various Non-Catholic churches-sisters are engaged in the apostolate of education, faith formation, home visits etc. st. Philomina’s U.P. school, St. Antony’s chapel, St. Philomina’s Orphanage (1945) St. Philomina’s Nursery school are all in the premise of the convent.

 04. Vazhappally-Sacred Heart Adoration Convent

The Adoration congregation had its fourth house established at vazhappally on 3rd December 1918. Sisters of the Sacred Heart Convent and the boarders had to go to the Bishop’s House for Holy Qurbana. The Sacred Heart convent of Vazhappally had been the Central House of the congregation till 1948. The house turned out to be the headquarters of the Mother General. After the attainment of the Pontifical Status of the congregation the convent continued to be the Provincial House of St. Thomas Province until 1975. On 2nd October 1935, the new convent and the Perpectual Adoration chapel were blessed by Mar James Kalasserry holy Mass mass is daily held in the chapel. The perpectual Adoration here is a source of blessing and grace to the whole world. All around the premises, Theresian Institutions are working.

 05. Athirampuzha –St. Joseph’s Adoration Convent

Five sisters from Champakulam Convent came to Athirampuzha who stayed temporarily in a small house. This was the starting of the 5th convent. The convent building built in 1921 at Athirampuzha was blessed on 18th September 1999 the decayed building was renovated and was blessed on 17th November 1999. Thousands visit the tomb of Chantalamma in the chapel and get blessings. Sisters are engaged in the apostolic activities like teaching, house visits, faith formation, social welfare etc.

 06. Edathua

The Adoration Congregation which had a humble origin in the cowshed of the Puthenpurackal Thommachen at Edathua in 1908 had a convent built here in the year 1920. It was blessed on 13th May on the feast day of St. Margaret. From 1948 the sisters began to live in the newly built convent blessed on 17th October

A two storied building was built in 2003 for the convent and a hostel was built in the annex. As a souvenir of the centenary of the beginning of the congregation in a cowshed a Nursing Home was built for the aged sisters. Perpetual Adoration is held in the newly built chapel. The sisters render valuable services in the parish and take initiative in all the pastoral activities.

07. Punnapra-St. Joseph’s Adoration Convent-21st November 1937

St. Joseph’s Poor Home at Punnapra is the first step towards the fulfillment of the founder’s wish to take up the cause of the poor and the neglected. In 1971 Rev. Fr. George Chalangady built a hostel for women. The sisters render full support to the Director who is also the Parish priest of Punnapra. They serve both in the old age home and hostel.

 08. Mammood-Our Lady of Sacred Heart


Shantalamma felt the urgent need to have a convent at Mammood to be at the service of the poor and the illiterate. The convent of our Lady of S.H. was blessed in the year 1938. A new convent and chapel were built in 1947. On 9th October 1999 a two storied building was built for the convent as the old one decayed. Besides educational Apostolate sisters are enganged in faith formation, house visits, prayer gathering etc.

09. Kainady-Our Lady of Dolorose Adoration Convent


 The inauguration of the convent took place in the building of Kandakudy Puthenpurayil Ouseph Joseph on 7th sept.1945, on the Jubilee day of Mar James Kalasserry. From 1946 the sisters began residing in a newly built convent. Sisters render services in the Nursery school, the L.P., U.P., H.S.S. in the premises.

10. Thathampally-St. Michael’s Adoration Convent

This is one of the few convents where the three major areas of Apostolate-education, health care, social work are amalgamated. Sisters here teach in St. Michael School belonging to the Parish Mar Mathew Kavukatt Orphanage, Marian Homoeo Clinic, St. Michael Nursery School are all around the convent, where sisters render faithful service. 13 hour adoration is held in the chapel every day. the sisters actively engages in all the activities of the parish.

 11. Punnakunnam-St. Aloysius Adoration Convent-7th Sept 1947


The convent started in 1947 was renovated in 1993. The sisters are engaged in apostolic activities such as education, catechism, social welfare etc Mary Matha Nursery School here is run by the sisters.

 12. Chennamkary, Our Lady of the Rosary Adoration Convent


The convent first started in a house owned by Dr. Antonichan. The convent built in 1955 was blessed by Mar Mathew Kavukatt and was dedicated to the Queen of the Holy Rosary. Sisters render dedicated service to the nursery. They teach in Devamatha High School which belongs to the Parish. Sisters extend their active participation in all the activities of the parish.

  1. Karimpanakulam – Immaculate Heart of Mary Adoration Convent-3rd June 1950

On the feast day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus the convent at Karimpanakulam came into existence in a building of Ittyavira Chacko, Kalathoor. Sisters teach in our Nursery here and also in the U.P. school which now belong to the parish.

  1. Changanacherry Assumption Hostel

Our hostel initially named after St. Maria Goretti, later came to be known as Assumption Hostel, this being the first Hostel of the first Women’s College in ‘madhya Thiruvithamkoor’. Mar Mathew Kavukatt wished to have the hostel entrusted to the care of the Adoration sisters and thus the hostel is now run by our sisters. The silver Jubilee and the Golden Jubilee were celebrated respectively in 1977 and 2000. Many young girls here have got the call for the Religious vocation.

  1. Muttar-St.PiusAdorationConvent

The convent at Muttar was blessed on the 29th May 1955 on the anniversary of Pope Pius X. Sr. Ritty Vithuvattikal who had been the superior here got the ‘Karshaka Award’. Sisters make themselves available in the activities of the Parish, l;ike preparing children for first communion, house visits, prayer services etc.

  1. Koothrappally-Rita Bhavan

The convent was built as a souvenir of the golden Jubilee of the congregation. The official inauguration of Rita Bhavan as the Provincialate of St. Thomas Province Changanancherry took place on 14th January 1975 on the Birthday of our founder. Another building was annexed to the convent for the Provincialate in 1984. The Nursing home build for the old and sick sisters was blessed on 11th February 1976 by His Excellency Mar Antony Padiyara. The Provincialate was shifted to a newly built building in 2015. Vimala Nursery School is run by the sisters here ever since 1972. Sisters render their services in the various Apostolate activities of the church. Library, Museum and the Archives are modernized and kept in order. Pavithra Social Service Society registered in 1980 unifies the different social apostolic activities of the Province, Koothrappally village was adopted and a lot of seminars, classes etc. held and various activities are carried out for the all-round development of the village. The self-help groups are formed as part of the SABS village development programme and awareness classes and training in self-employment are given to women. 56 poor children are included in the sponsorship programme. In connection with the centenary of the Province a Counseling clinic is held under the leadership of Sr. Dr. Josy Maria Kattathara.

  1. Thiruvananthapuram Nirmala Bhavan

The convent and Hostel started at Thiruvananthapuram in 1959 was the fulfillment of the desire of Mar Mathew Kavukatt to have accommodation facilities for the young women coming to Thiruvananthapuram, for employment and studies. The convent, the hostel, the Nursery school all are known as ‘Nirmala Bhavan’ . classes from Nursery to Higher secondary are held and sisters render dedicated service Education, house visits, Jail Ministry, counseling etc. are the areas of apostolate are convent and the hostel were renovated in 2005.

  1. Changanacherry – Amala Bhavan

The building blessed and named Amala Bhavan in 1961 was built primarily for the sisters studying at Assumption College and S.B. College. They had been residency at Vazhappally. The first floor was used as Hostel for the girls studying at the College. Amala Bhavan came to be the headquarters of the Mother General had been teaching at Assumption College. Sisters dedicate themselves for the fulfillment of the founder’s desire of educating and empowering the woman. Special care is taken for the mental, spiritual and intellectual development of the girls. Sisters cooperate with the parishners in the pastoral activities.

  1. Fathimapuram-

When the building for school was constructed in 1964. Sisters resided in one part of the building. The two storied building constructed for convent was blessed on 2nd December 1996. The sisters teach in B.K.L.P. School and B.K. Nursety school. They take part in the apostolic activities like faith formation, House visits, social welfare and lead the activities of Mission League, Yuvadeepthi etc.

  1. AMALAGIRI-Mercy Home

The sisters staying at the residence of Sree Joseph sir, Varikkappally for the purpose of constructing Mercy Home at Amalagiri shifted to Mercy Home, when it was blessed on 4th September 1965. As the number of sisters and students increased, the shed near Mariyalama began to be used as the convent. Mercy Home remained as the Hostel for the firls studying at B.K. College. A two storied building was constructed in 1980 for Hostel. The sisters make themselves available to the girls in the hostel in all their needs. They sincerely cooperate with Parish Priest in activities of the Nalpathimala Parish. Their active participation in the Eucharistic Liturgy is praise worthy.

  1. Mammood –St. Joseph’s Novitiate House

One year Novitiate was started here in 1933 on the silver Jubilee Year of the congregation. The formation of the novices had been held at the convents in Thuruthy and Vazhappally. As a souvenir of the silver Jubilee of the congregation a house for novitiate was built at Mammood and was blessed on 15th August 1969. The 27 novices at Thuruthy were brought here. The novices intercede for the church and the whole world.

  1. Ayarkunnam-St. Thomas Adoration Convent

The sisters who lived in a rented house here from 1972 shifted to the new convent blessed on 3rd oct.1973 by Mar Antony Padiyara. St. Thomas Nursery School is on the premise of the convent and the sisters are teaching in school belonging to the Parish. They participate in various activities of the Church. They lead of the activities of Mission League, Mathrujyothi, Pithruvedi etc. the Parish is rich in religious vocation.

  1. Thayamkary-Vijayamatha Adoration Convent

At the request of Rev. Fr. Varghese Arikathil the Provincial council decided to start a convent at Thayamkary. The sisters resided at one part of the hospital built by Fr. Vicar on 22nd September 1974, the sisters moved to the convent built on the land given by the parish on the opposite of the hospital. In 2000, the sisters again shifted to the convent built near the hospital. Sisters actively take part in all the activities of the parish.

  1. Kurichy-B.K.M. Adoration Convent

The sisters had been coming from the Thuruthy convent to teach at the Nursery School in Kurichy. They later moved to a house in Kurichy blessed by Rev. James Vettikatt. The B.K.M. Nursery School started in 1973 was converted into Jeevan Jyothi Ashram for the mental patients who were officially blessed on 2nd July 1999. The inmates actively participate in the prayer and adoration in the chapel. Tours and celebrations are held to keep the inmates lively and joyful

25.Vadavathoor-Loretto Bhavan

Loretto Bhavan at Thannikkapady was begun for the convenience of the sisters studying Theology at M.O.C. Manganam. From 1975 to 1983 Juniorate had been held here and junior sisters went to M.O.C. from here. A new building and chapel were annexed to the old building and were blessed on 29th march 1980. Aspirancy is held here from 1984. The sisters actively take part in the activities of the parish.

  1. Idayirikkapuzha-Our Lady of Mercy Adoration Convent

A convent was started at Idayirikkapuzha, a village noted for its natural beauty in the year 1976. Naturopathy treatment centre was started here in 1980. Sisters actively take part in all the apostolic activities of Kadayinikkad parish. This centre was more extended in 1991. The superior of the convent has been the administrator since 1993. A new building was blessed in 1994.

  1. Morkulangara

The nursery school under the department of home science of the assumption college was transferred to Morkulangara. A few sisters from Vazhappally had been teaching here. They began to reside at Morkulangara when a building for the nursery and L.P school was constructed here in 1976. A new convent building was built in 2003 and the sisters shifted to the convent. Now classes up higher sencondary level are run here.

  1. Pacha Lourdes Matha Adoration Convent.

A convent SevaNivas was started on 1st April 1978 at Pacha Chekkidikkad where sisters from Edathua convent had been coming for the Nursery and tailoring classes there. In 1998 Lourde Matha Adoration convent was annexed to the Lourdes Matha hospital which was started in 1987. The sisters working in the school nursery and hospital moved to the convent. Seva Nivas was transferred into Mother Shantal’s Terminally Ill Care for the poor and aged. Mother Shantal’s Nursing school was started in 2000. Spiritual healing retreat under the leadership of sr. Dr. Bridget is held here since 2005 in which aspirants, novices and sisters of various congregations take part.

29.Puthukkary-St. Xavier’s Adoration Convent

The convent was started with the intention of undertaking a hospital there and rendering help to the various apostolic activities of the parish. A new convent building was blessed in 1979. A homoeo dispensary was started here under the leadership of Sr. Tessin Valliyath in 2005. On 14th January the birthday of our Founder. Active cooperation in the works and activities of the parish has always been rendered.









  1. AMALAGIRI- Corpus Christi




The shed near B.K. College which had been used as the store house of the college was transformed into a convent and was named ‘Corpus Christi convent.’ Sisters shifted to this convent from Mercy Home on 2nd July 1979. A new building for convent was built and was blessed in 1996. Perpetual adoration was started in the convent in the year 2003-04 as a souvenir of the silver Jubilee of the convent. Sisters render wholehearted support and cooperation to all the apostolic activities of the parish, Nalpathimala.


The blessing of the chapel and the convent and the inauguration of perpetual Adoration was held on 9th Oct.1979. The renovated convent was blessed in 1983, the silver jubilee year of the congregation. A w chapel was built and was blessed in 1984. The perpetual adoration held day by day and might promote Eucharistic devotion among the faithful living in the locality. The sisters participate in faith formation and prayer services of parish.


The home is built for caring the poor and the abandoned women. The hose, which initially had 4 members has now more than 26 inmates. Their spiritual, mental and corporal needs are attended. The saintly Fr. Benedict had been here for 17 years, striving hard for the well-being of the inmates.



The hose was built for the convenience of the sisters coming for treatment at medical college, Kottayam. Hostel facilities were provided in 1981 for the students, studying in different educational institutions around. Now it functions as a hostel for the students of medical College, Kottayam. The sisters sincerely partake in the pastoral activities of Holy Family Church nearby.


The first members dwelt in a building belonging to the parish. The convent and te chapel were built in 1981. The frequent flood that occurs here caused the construction of another convent building which was blessed in 2000. A “special school” called Sahrudaya for the mentally challenged is run here where the sisters render valuable service.




This was built as a souvenir of the 25th Episcopal Ordination Jubilee of Mar Antony Padiyara. The sisters have always been receiving the full support and co-operation of the parishioners. Sisters are committed to all the services in the parish.




This is a place where different denominations of Christians abide. A new convent was built and blessed in 2000 as the church was far from the convent. The sisters actively engage in all the activities of the church. We run a play school and Nursery school here and the sisters teach in the L.P. School belonging to the parish.


The necessity of building a new hostel near the College arose as the members of the courses offered in the college increased. Sr. Benjamin Mary and Sr. Jane Francis took every effort to mass money for the construction of the building. Now Snjoe Bhavan is the main hostel for B.K.College students. Education sponsorship programme was started to help the poor children. Various programmes for inculcating moral values and spirituality in the inmates are held. Social awareness and spiritual nourishments are provided.





As an accomplishment of the desire of the people to have a convent and school here for the spiritual and educational growth of the children the sisters came here and dwelt in a rented house at ‘Chayam.’ The new convent was blessed on 17th Nov. 1987. Sisters are engaged in the apostolic activities in the parish and the school.



Sisters were sent here in response to the wishes of the parishioners and the vicar of Laikad to have a convent here for the spiritual uplift of the people. Sisters began to live in a rented house with name ‘Sion Sadn.’ The convent ‘Maria Bhavan’ was built and was bleed in 1992. The Mary Rani School has developed into the status of junior College where the sisters render dedicated service. Sisters engage themselves in various activities, prayer services of the church like faith formation, giving leadership to various organizations choir etc.



The building of the convent and school was constructed on the land near Loyola hostel purchased from the S.J. fathers. The convent was blessed on 29th April 1987. Bethlehem school, Nursery and L.P.School began to be run here in 1985 and 1981 respectively. Sisters render their service in two parishes viz., Emmaus and Cheruvayakal.


In response to the exhortation through PC 9- II Vatican Council, the provincial Synaxis, decided to have an ashram started at Nallathanny. With the permission of the General Council the life of Ashram was formed and sisters ready to follow such a life was found. Rev. Mother Martin Mary was the foremost among to lead an ascetic like at the ashram at Nallathanny. The life of the sisters is centered on the holy Qurbana, praying the liturgy of the hours, interceding and making reparation for the sins of the world. They do not take any apostolic activities outside.


The members of the general body of the Pavithra Social Service Society found it as the need of the time to have a working women’s hostel at Amalagiri for the women working at M.G.University which had just been begun. Steps were taken for fulfillment of the same and finally with the grant received from Delhi the construction of the building was completed. It was blessed in 1989. Women studying and working at M.G. University, medical college, Govt. officers are the other inmates of this convent.


The Syro-Malabar Catholic emigrants of Anchal wished to have a convent here to facilitate their celestial liturgical and sacramental life. The Holy Family is fruitfulness of their wish. Holy Family Public School here is now one of the best schools here. Sisters render their dedicated service both in the school and the parish.


The convent is the accomplishment of the decision of the Provincial Council to set up a house for the sick and the aged sisters of the province.13 hours Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is held on all days expect Sundays- Sisters studying and working at Theresian institution at Vazhapaplly are also the members. Sisters cooperate with Rev.Fathers of Cathedral Church, in all its apostolate like faith formation, ward meetings and house visits etc.


MJM Hospital is an invaluable gift presented to his fellow natives of Edathua by Msgr.James Parappally.Most part of the hospital was built with the Kuttanad Medical Development Fund; he had risen for the health care of the natives. The financial support of the province also was obtained. Now the hospital functions as a multispecialty hospital. Sisters involve themselves both in the healing ministry and pastoral ministry.


The convent at Kollam is the accomblishment of Mar.Joseph Powathil’s earnest desire to have a convent here to foster and promote the faith formation, to deepen the Liturgical life and to deepen the spiritual heritage bequeathed to them by St.Thomas the Apostle. The primary concern of the sisters here is to keep alive with laity the fire of faith they have inherited.


Sahrydaya convent and School at the mission Areas of Kollam is the crown of the apostolic activities of the congregation over a century sisters go the parish church- Pazhayeroor and Anchal Holy Family Church. They render various apostolic services in the parish.