Social Apostolate


By experiencing the compassionate love of Eucharistic Jesus through prayer life we choose the life of poor and taking over the sufferings of humanity. We help the poor, the afflicted, the infirm and the exploited around us. We work with mentally ill, old age, orphans, mentally and physically challenged and orphans. We have rehabilitation centre for mentally ill. In keeping with our charism, we organize various social welfare programmes to the families and children in order to improve their moral, spiritual and economic status and help them to be self-sufficient.  We teach people about the importance and sacredness of family life and convince them of their responsibilities to build a good home based on mutual love and respect. Efforts take to restore the broken families regardless of caste and creed. We are giving importance to women empowerment and education in order to uplift the quality of families.


Free Boarding

Home for Aged & Destitute Counselling Centres Tailoring Centres Working Women Hostels
Mallappally Kurichy Amalagiri Koothrappally Navajyothi, Amalagiri
Mallikapuram Kadaynikad Edathua Mankara Assumption


Thathampally Seva Nivas Pacha Pacha Maria Nivas Chennai

 Social Apostolate