“None of you can become My disciple if you do not give up all your possessions” (LK.14:33)

          Postulancy is the period of immediate preparation for the novitiate. During this stage the candidates become convinced of the genuineness of the call and purity of intention. This period brings

about a gradual transition from lay life to the life proper to the religious .The postulants become deeply aware of the need to become free of all worldly attachments in order to give themselves to God. They grow  in Eucharistic devotion and prepare themselves to accept the challenges of discipleship in a spirit of self-sacrifice .As they become closely acquainted with the constitution, traditions and heritage of our congregation they grow in a special love and  respect for congregation, the founder and the co-foundress. They become committed to lead a life rooted in SABS charism.

                        Only those who give signs of assurance of their fitness, maturity and suitability for religious  life  are promoted to the novitiate. The provincial superior, with  the  consent of her council, admits such postulants to the novitiate